Polemos – from Greek «battle», «war» – God and the God of War Ares attendant, symbolizing the war itself, and the spirit of struggle on the battlefield. According to Heraclitus: «War (polemos) is the father and king of all: some he has made gods, and some men; some slaves and some free». We also know another kind of the «art of war» – the polemic, which is a philosophical dispute about the Truth.

In the book, the author examines the strategies and the resurgence of pagan traditions in the Modern world, highlighting the series of oppositions: Creationism vs. Paganism, Paganism vs. Modern, and Postmodern vs. Paganism. Each opposing sides connected to each other and in different ways infiltrate in the ideology of modern pagans. Thus alienating themselves from the spirit of the Paganism, making their activities and experiences in counterfeiting and simulation of pagan traditionalism.

The book focuses on a wide range of intelligent readers, representatives of academic religious studies, cultural, historical, philosophical, and other sciences. Recommended by theorists and practitioners of pagan wide field.