About Book

Polemos – from Greek «battle», «war» – God and the God of War Ares attendant, symbolizing the war itself, and the spirit of struggle on the battlefield. According to Heraclitus: «War (polemos) is the father and king of all: some he has made gods, and some men; some slaves and some free». We also know another kind of the «art of war» – the polemic, which is a philosophical dispute about the Truth.

In the book, the author examines the strategies and the resurgence of pagan traditions in the Modern world, highlighting the series of oppositions: Creationism vs. Paganism, Paganism vs. Modern, and Postmodern vs. Paganism. Each opposing sides connected to each other and in different ways infiltrate in the ideology of modern pagans. Thus alienating themselves from the spirit of the Paganism, making their activities and experiences in counterfeiting and simulation of pagan traditionalism.

The book focuses on a wide range of intelligent readers, representatives of academic religious studies, cultural, historical, philosophical, and other sciences. Recommended by theorists and practitioners of pagan wide field.




























New Age


Right Hand Path

Left Hand Path



Iron Age


Key names: J. Evola, R. Guenon, M. Eliade, A. Dugin. A. de Benouist, Veleslav Cherkasov, Aleksey Dobrovolsky (Dobroslav), E. Junger, F.G. Junger, C. Schmitt, M. Heidegger, G. Wirth, A. Crowley, S. A. McNallen, M. Foucault, G. Deleuze, J. Baudrillard, M. Sedgwick, T. Southgate and etc.

I Prolegomena


I.I The Dawn?

I.II Paganism: doctrine, names and symbols

  • Doctrine
  • Names
  • Symbols

I.III Traditionalism

II Time and Initiation

  • Cyclical time
  • Linear time

II.I Golden Age

II.II Silver and Bronze Ages

II.III The Profane

II.IV The Heroes

II.V Iron Age

II.VI Ontology of Estates

II.VII Pagan Initiation

  • Initiation as Death
  • Initiation as Social Phenomenon
  • Initiation as Education
  • Historical Heritage
  • Horizontal and Vertical
  • Language and Intellection
  • Two Languages
  • Translating and the Rite
  • Vertical Initiation
  • Initiation aspects in the Modern Paganism

II.VIII The Problem of Contr-initiation

II.IX Triumph of Titans

III Paganism and Moderrn

III.I Dharma and Due

  • Dharma in Kali-Yuga

III.II Modern and Estates

III.III Constructs of Modern

  • Human
  • Humanism
  • Material view on the Traditional society
  • Reflexion
  • Reality
  • Primitivity
  • Gnoseological Rasism
  • Technic
  • Freedom

III.IV Postmodern

  • Postontology and Postgnoseology
  • Posthuman
  • Postsociety
  • Consumer Society
  • Riot, anomie and death in a Consumer Society
  • Rhizome
  • Postspace
  • Posttime
  • Postwar
  • Subtotal

III.V The Horizonts of Contr-initiation

  • Postreligion

III.VI Is the Destiny of Europe are Destiny of the World?

  • Place and Time of Postmodern
  • The Potential of Russia

IV About Modern Pagan Experience

IV.I Authentic and alien

  • Typology of Pagans
  • Subcultural Infiltrations

IV.II The Modern Experience

  • Persons
  • Critical Notes to Practice

IV.III Simulacres and sects

  • West
  • Russia and Post-Soviet Space
  • Orient and Asia

IV.IV Compromisses

V Paganism and Creationism

V.I Nuances of Creationism

  • Traditionalism and Creationism
  • Platos Heritage

V.II Judaism

  • Becoming of Creationism
  • The Pagan Element
  • Goy
  • In Expecting of Positive Future

V.III Christianity

  • History and Doctrine
  • Denomination
  • The Pagan Element
  • Modern Situation

V.IV Islam

  • Sunnism, Shiism, Sufism and Salafism
  • The culmination of the gap
  • Dar al-harb
  • Modern Condition

V.V Relation to Creationism

  • The Principal Novelty of Creationism
  • Springhead
  • Oedipus as a Paradigm

VI Sex and Sexuality

VI.I The Metaphysics of Sex

  • Androgine and the Origins o Sexes
  • Eros
  • Profanation

VI.II Postsexuality: Inversion and Parody

  • Feminism
  • Gender games

VI.III Eros in Modern Paganism

  • Paganism and taboo?

VII Political measurement of paganism

VII.I Preliminary considerations

  • Plato's Utopia
  • Eternity through modernity

VII.II Tribe or Empire?

VII.III Liberalism and the rejection of democracy

VII.IV Race, Nation and their myths

  • From largest to smallest – to the old?
  • Chauvinism

VII.V Ethnocentrism

VII.VI “Left”Paganism

VII.VII Primitivism

VII.VIII Antiglobalism

VII.IX Conclusions from the preceding chapters

VIII The Right Hand and Left Hand Paths

  • Semantics of the hands

VIII.I Looking into the Abyss

  • Step into the Void in place
  • Three Sacrifices

VIII.II Left Path

  • Sanatana Dharma and Vama Marga
  • Chod
  • Odinism
  • Shuyny Way and Chernobozhie
  • God Dionysus
  • Creationism
  • Path Without Path

VIII.III Darkness and Shadow

  • Magic
  • World Egg
  • Titans again

VIII.IV People gone to the Forest

VIII.V Roads on which no one goes

IX Conclusion

X Applications

  • Martin Heidegger, boredom, paganism
  • Dobroslav: traditionalist view
  • Veleslav: Pagan in the postmodern era ...


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